Environmental and Energy Rating

Window Energy Rating… what are they?

The best way to harness free energy from the sun is to use the heat transmitted through glass to help heat homes and legislation is in place to encourage this initiative. Window Energy Ratings, a concept developed in USA was recognised by us due to our policy of continuous improvement, we are able to offer Insulated Glass Units which address the needs for compliance with Window Energy Ratings, (WER) and can advise on the best product to use to achieve a better performing window. The use of Argon Gas, warm edge technology and low iron glass to enhance the free solar heat gain can provide many options when combined with high performing window systems. To read more about high performing window systems please see CareyGlass Joinery, a subsidiary of CareyGlassInternational.

As the need to respect the environment is acknowledged, our company has identified solutions for the market and have gone further to create CareyGlass Solar division to offer and provide a number of alternative energy products which convert sunlight into electricity.

  • For added insulation specify elite SE our triple glazed unit which combine two low e panes and the use of Krypton gas offering a staggering U value of 0.4 W/m²K, the best on the market in UK & Ireland.
  • Recyclable materials
  • Increased Solar Gain
  • Increased Light Transmission with the use of Low Iron glass.